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Replace or Repair Your Roof?

Facing problems with your roof in Katy, TX? Know how to deal with it? If not, then you are left with two options – get your roof repaired OR have it replaced.

Choosing whether to replace or repair your roof, however, is not an easy decision to make. There are many things to consider when comparing options and you should be aware of the pros and cons that come with each: In terms of longevity, which option is best for my roof? What would be the cost of a repair vs. replacing the roof? How old is my current roof and what condition is it in?

These are valid questions that need to be answered before deciding whether to replace or repair your roof in Katy, TX.


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Roofs That Last Longer

Do you work according to the sustainability principle? If so, then replacing your roof becomes a must. A replaced roof will last longer than a roof that is simply repaired. You’ll be able to choose the materials that are optimal for your roof. In addition, a new roof is more energy efficient and you wouldn’t need to worry about leaks.

Are you planning to stay in Katy, TX long term or do you plan to move soon? If you intend to leave your current home in the near future, small repairs can be made instead of replacing the entire roof. Minor leaks can be fixed with a few repairs and don’t require spending a large sum of money. But if you’re here to stay and want your roof to last, a roof replacement is the way to go.

Cost of Roofing Service in Katy, TX

One of the most essential factors in choosing between roof replacement and roof repair in Katy, TX is the cost. If comparing prices, roof repair is less costly and ultimately more affordable than roof replacement.

The cost of rebuilding your roof requires a larger sum of money since a new structure would need to be built. It could cost you roughly ten times more to replace a roof when compared to repairing it.

Lifespan of Your Roof

When considering roof repair or roof replacement, it’s crucial to know the actual age of your roof. With time, roofs in Katy, Texas often face wear and tear and it becomes extremely important to get them completely redesigned. For example, if your roof is 25 years old and there are obvious issues, it has reached the end of its lifespan. It’s time for a new roof.

Water Damage And Moisture

Water is an essential part of life – we can’t deny it’s importance. However, it can cause damage when large quantities are present. If water gets under a roof’s shingles, it can get inside your home causing serious damage with expensive consequences.

Peeling paint and brown spots on ceilings are all signs of moisture in your roof. Moisture present in your roof necessitates replacement.

Bottom line – Replace My Roof or Repair My Roof?

To make this decision easier, you must first consider the overall condition of your home. Then you’ll have to ask yourself some additional questions: What is your budget? Do you already have leaks or water damage? Are you here to stay or planning to move soon? How long do you want your roof to last?

If you need help evaluating these factors, consider getting an inspection. A roof inspection will determine the current condition of your roof. Once you have the facts, you can make the best decision for your roof: repair or replace.

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